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The Best Smart Home Security Systems for 2022 Need to secure your home, but don't know where to start? We've tested most of the nationally available professional-install and DIY security systems to help you decide which one is right to protect your family and your property.

Model: FC460 Series Detectors IL.BENT 258
While keeping the most advanced features such as home automation functions,system control through the app via push notifications and connectionto an M-Touch touchscreen keypad, the Grade 3 certification takes theABSOLUTA security system to the next leveL..
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Model: Fire Control BENTEL IL.BENT DUO-CEL
DUO-CELFireClass Duo-Cel brings a high level of functionality in an entry level package suitable for most small installations.The panel is designed to work seamlessly with the FireClass range of detectors, call points and sounders and has many useful configurable options, inputs and outputs to aid w..
Ex Tax:$70.00
Model: Fire Control BENTEL IL.BENT J408-8
J408Designed and made according to EN54 standards, the J408 is a microprocessor based control panel for small to medium applications. It has 8 zones, each supports up to 32 detectors, for a maximum of 256 detectors.Each detection zone has an alarm-repeat output for selective management in the event ..
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Model: Fire Control BENTEL IL.BENT J424-8
J424-8Designed and made according to EN54 standards, the J424 is a microprocessor based control panel for medium and large applications. It has 8 zones main board and supports two J400-EXP8 expander modules, for a total of 24 zones and 512 detectorsThe J424 control panel is also available with a bac..
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The Precept EN range of conventional control panels are powerful yet user friendly. They are designed and manufactured to a high standard and are approved by LPCB to EN54 parts 2 & 4.These panels are available in 2, 4, 8, 16 & 32 Zone versions along with suitable repeaters for all models.The..
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The FireClass Prescient III gaseous extinguishant control panel is powerful yet user-friendly and is designed and manufactured to a high standard. The panel features approval to BSEN 12094-1:2003, BSEN 54-2 and 4 and is designed to BS7273 part 1.The panel has extensive configuration options but is e..
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Model: Fire control Accessories IL.BENT 508/4/8/524 Repeater
2 wire connection to the fire control (power supply included)The repeater panel may be installed up to 1,000 m from the  fire controlDisplays all audible and visual signallingfire control managementDimensions (wxhxd): 280x320x40 mmWeight: 2.260 Kg..
Ex Tax:$45.00
Model: FireClass Accessories IL.BENT 620/7/15/624 - Multifunctional
FC500MFI is a multifunctional interface between FireClass 500 control paneland simple fire brigade or a remote control board that can be placed at upto 1 km distance from the FireClass 500 control panel.Moreover a serial printer, able to print out all events occurring in the system,can be connected ..
Ex Tax:$50.00
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